About SMA

SMA is a system technology manufacturer that offers inverters and technology energy management systems. The company has developed one of the world’s first commercial and residential solar inverters more than 30 years ago. Today, as a leading PV system specialist, the company is still devoted to developing the technologies that will shape tomorrow’s world.


With innovative solutions and subsidiaries over 18 countries, SMA can provide premium and fast service to its customers. The free monitoring system, accessible through the Sunny Portal, enables to avoid downtime and improves the overall system performance thanks to SMA’s pro-active service. If a problem arises, SMA can diagnose the problem remotely and only then, if needed, perform diagnostic checks in person.


SMA has won numerous awards in the PV field and its technology is protected by over 1200 patents.



Global Executive HQ

Niestetal, Germany

Manufacturing facilities

Germany, US, China

Available at

Affordable and fast service

Cost-efficient technologies

Intelligent technologies

Easy to use and install

Product portfolio

Sunny Boy < 2.5kW

1.5 – 2.5

  • Rapid commissioning with the intuitive Web UI
  • Easy installation thanks to a low weight of just 9 kg and an intelligent connection concept
  • Broad input voltage range of 80 to 600 V
  • Flexibility in choice of module

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Sunny Boy < 5kW

3.0 – 5.0

  • Simple system design with Sunny Design
  • Secure plug-and-play installation without opening the inverter
  • Compact and lightweight (< 16 kg)
  • Quick commissioning using a tablet, smartphone or laptop
  • Future-proof communication via Ethernet and WLAN
  • Compatible with intelligent energy management and SMA storage solutions

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Sunny Tripower < 10kW

3 – 10

  • Integrated SMA Smart Connected service
  • One-person installation (weight only 17 kg)
  • Compact design means minimum space requirements
  • Integrated shade management with SMA ShadeFix and TS4-R communication
  • Dynamic active power limitation
  • Intelligent energy management and storage solutions can be added anytime
  • Can be combined with TS4-R components for module optimization

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Sunny Tripower < 25kW

15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.4 %
  • DC surge arrester (SPD type II) can be integrated
  • DC input voltage of up to 1,000 V
  • Multistring capability for optimum system design
  • Cutting-edge grid management functions with Integrated Plant Control
  • Reactive power available 24/7

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Sunny Tripower CORE1


  • Floor-mounted device easy to install
  • No DC fuses required
  • Integrated DC disconnector
  • Integrated WLAN access with any mobile device
  • 12 direct string inputs reduce labour and material costs
  • Fast grid connection due to easy inverter configuration and commissioning
  • Completely accessible connection areas
  • Six independent MPP trackers guarantee optimal energy production for every use, even in shading

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Sunny Highpower peak 1


  • Easy scalable solution for large PV systems
  • Highest yield and ultimate flexibility
  • Fast commissioning and great efficiency
  • Central control via Inverter Manager
  • Maximum security
  • Maximum DC/AC-ratio up to 150 % is possible
  • Lowest OPEX (no expert electrician, simple service)
  • Combiner boxes with an individual amount of string inputs for flexible use
  • The LCS commissioning tool

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Warranty conditions

SMA inverters offer a standard warranty period of 5 years. However, if desired, it is possible to extend warranty plans up to a maximum of 20 total years. 

Download SMA Warranty conditions for further details.