Fimer offers one of the broadest portfolios of string inverters currently on the market, which includes a powerful line of single- and three-phase string inverters for photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in residential and commercial buildings. Fimer’s string inverters range from 1.2 to 175 kW.


Fimer are present in all relevant markets across all continents to be close to their customers, speak their language, understand local market needs and ensure fast and easy support. their main products are String Inverter, Central Inv, Storage PCS



Global Executive HQ

Vimercate (MB) Italy

Area served


Manufacturing facilities

2 – Italy & Finland

Unique design for easy installation and service

Long history in the industry

Perfect customer support

High quality and reliable products

Product portfolio

Solar inverter UNO-DM- 4.0 TL-PLUS-Q

  • Wireless access to the embedded Web user Interface
  • Easy commissioning capability
  • UL 1741 SA compliant
  • Future-proof with embedded connectivity for smart building and smart grid integration
  • Dynamic feed-in control (for instance “zero injection”)
  • Remote Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrade for inverter and components
  • Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant
  • Remote monitoring via Aurora Vision® cloud
  • Dual input section with independent MPPT
  • Integrated rapid shutdown power supplier

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