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Review: above 500 Wp solar panels

Above 500 Wp solar panels era Recent research from BloombergNEF shows a significant drop of LCOE in the renewable energy sector. In 2020, solar and wind energy became cheaper than coal as a source of electricity in global trend setters such as the USA, many

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5 potential fire hazards and mitigation in photovoltaic systems

PV systems prove themselves continuously as some of the most favored sources of alternative energy with more than 120 GW installed yearly in 2019. PV systems are extremely safe under normal operating conditions if installed and maintained by professionals according to electrical regulations and guidelines. However, with the increasing distribution of different PV systems operating both on the ground, rooftops and even integrated into buildings, the risk of a possible fire occurring where PV systems are installed has to be considered (as is the case with any electrical energy grid).

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LONGi: our new solar panel brand

LONGi Solar is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer recognized for its monocrystalline technologies and latest innovations. Founded in 2000, from the early beginning LONGi has been focusing exclusively on monocrystalline wafers. Today, LONGi belongs to the world’s largest producer of monocrystalline silicon wafers and ingots.

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